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Giesbert Nijhuis (The Netherlands) was one of the 2016 ‘Patient Innovation Awards’ laureates and won in the Patient Serial Innovator category. Giesbert wasn't able to attend the 2nd PI Awards ceremony, so he was represented by the Govert Jan Bijl de Vroe, the Dutch Ambassador from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Portugal.

2e Patient Innovation Awar Lissabon Portugal

Since this accident in 1995, at an age of 26 years old, Giesbert is only able to move his head and was left with a remaining 25% of lung capacity. Being a passenger on a touring car that got involved in a severe traffic accident, he became completely paralysed below the the C 3/4 neck vertebra as a result of a spinal cord injury.

Despite this handicap he became brilliant inventor on the field of patient-innovation and presented several innovations and improvements.

Patient Innovations

He created his own website where and shares his knowledge and solutions to cope with his daily life problems and many others things.



From his facility in Amsterdam, he developed various vortex-generating test setups. With these test arrangements, he demonstrated the potential of the artificial vortex with regard to possibilities in the field of energy production.

He was the first in the world to create an artificial vortex capable of lifting a weight of 1 kilo.

First mechanical productive vortex in the world.

He also demonstrated that the vortex is a manageable process. With these test setups, he demonstrated that the vortex is a manageable process. This fact is very important when the construction of a full scale model is started.

The manageability of vortices


The conceptual Artificial Vortex Engine became a working device with a wide range of applications.


Giesbert Nijhuis on his project:

“Let me start with a summary. I am going to create a wheelchair that is going to be super for me and many other people around the world. Why? There are really good wheelchairs available for people who can sit up straight and use there arms & hands. But for me, being somebody who is almost completely paralysed, can not sit up straight nor use my hands, there are no good wheelchairs. I have been in need of a much better wheelchair for over 23 years now, and in that time developed a vision of what a wheelchair needs to be, to be a super wheelchair. You may question "how is Giesbert going to create a SuperChair, while he is not even able to scratch his head?". Read on to find out!”