World  Green Bridge

Dr. Anna Fry Dober, co-founder

Paris, France

Sustainability Professional

  Professeur Sorbonne University Paris


Eva Mary Zdorovetskaya MD PHD

Saint Petersburg, Russia

  Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University

 Dr. Ali M. Abshaev

Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

 Member of World Meteorological Organization Expert Team on Weather Modification

 Dr. Isabella Dancourt

Paris, France

Université Paris Dauphine

Project Head chez United Nations Economic Commission for Europe


  Donald Cooper MSc, co-founder

Balingup, Western Australia, Australia

Principal Mechanical Engineer

University of Western Australia


Dr. Guilette Baudion de Rouchefour

Belfort France

 Professeur Université de technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard

 Jim NR Dale

Wycombe Marsh, United Kingdom

Founder of British Weather Services & Author of the new book, Weather or Not?

Royal Navy School of Meteorology & Oceanography


Dear reader,

We are happy to take you along on a journey through various aspects of the climate. Why is the climate and the local weather as we experience it? How does the weather react in other parts of the world? What will the weather be in the near future and how will we be inflicted?

As we speak global warming is going on. The disruption to Earth’s climate equilibrium has led to an increase in global average surface temperatures.

The best way to reduce global warming is cutting down our anthropogenic emissions

of greenhouse gases. However, this is not possible in the near future because the world economy is depending on energy that is mainly produced by fossil carbon fuels.

But, the demand for economic growth and increasing world population requires even more energy. Replacing our addiction to fossil carbon fuel with carbon dioxide-free renewable energies will be a long, expensive and difficult process.

Meanwhile effective mitigation and adaptation solutions have to be developed in order to alleviate global warming. To our opinion Solar Radiation Management is the prime objective in order to cool down the Earth.

In short the : the natural greenhouse effect becomes to strong.

Technologies have to be developed that modify and mimic terrestrial ALBEDO and reflect incoming shortwave solar radiation back to space.

But what about several metrological processes that interferes with the natural transfer and convection of heat to the upper layers of the troposphere and allow excess heat to radiate out in space?  Causing extreme weather events, weather pendulums between extreme droughts and flooding, various sorts of antipollution, the eminent shortage of drinking water, agricultural mishaps?

We believe that global warming will outrun climate mitigation's and adaptations. The phenomenon of global warming has a very great inertia. Just like an oil tanker, it will reacts very slowly to steering movements. A solution such as the Artificial Vortex Engine is a first aid and gives immediate results. However, the biggest challenge lies in finding political, public and financial support and acceptance.


Team World Green Bridge.

Team members and Abstract


 Louis Michaud, Msc, CTO

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Chairman, Chief Technical Officer at AVEtec Energy Corporation

 Leonora Pardi PHD, founder


Agricultural research Università di Milano